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Jim Walberg
Jim Walberg Luxury Real Estate Agent
Italina is the professional you want to hire right NOW! Her LinkedIn strategies will create results for you in ways you never imagined. We have worked together for over two years and I can’t imagine a better recommendation for her services than this. Contact her TODAY!
Pamela Green
Pamela Green Real Estate Agent, East Bay
What a combination of energy and knowledge! Italina has spoken to the Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion group three times this past year, and each time she has kept us engaged while imparting great ideas on how to imrove our social media presence. As Realtors, our goal is to impart items of value to our clients and Italina helps show us how.
Deborah Zacharatos Reeg
Deborah Zacharatos Reeg Real Estate Broker
Just over a year ago I met Italina in a class where she was explaining Social Media and the importance of leveraging this in our real estate business. I have avoided all Social Media in part due to lack of interest and in part not knowing how to get started. I hired Italina to assist me on making my LinkedIn page professional and she coached me on how to leverage it to suit my business needs…Italina has showed me the steps necessary and has held me accountable to take the steps I need to make the most of my online presence. I now even have Facebook. Yes, I am slow to the starting line, but I could not have done this without Italina’s coaching, help, and support. 
Maureen Torretto
Maureen Torretto Mortgage Specialist
I heard Italina give a Leverage LinkedIn Talk at the beginning of the year. I figured I’ll just take what I learned and implement it myself. 6 months passed and I still did nothing to upgrade my online presence. I was doing nothing with my social media, LinkedIn or Facebook. So I called Italina and hired her immediately to redo my LinkedIn profile for me. Italina and her team also post relevant and engaging content for me each week so I have a consistent online presence. Now instead of just 10 people viewing my social media posts, 100’s of people are learning about my company. Through our Coaching Calls we’ve been going over how to tactfully promote my brand and company online so that more people are becoming aware of my service. As a result I’ve gotten 3 leads and we’ve only been working together for about a month. How exciting!
David Bellinger
David Bellinger Private Mortgage Banker
Working with Italina to craft my LinkedIn profile has been an excellent experience and shown immediate results. She has taught me how to best leverage LinkedIn to connect with potential referral sources, optimize my profile for Search Engine Optimization, and make sure that my LinkedIn profile is relevant to potential clients and differentiates me from my competitors. Your clients are looking you up on LinkedIn before they work with you. Can you afford not to have the best LinkedIn profile possible? Call Italina and make sure your online presence is as professionals as you are.
Stefani Shock
Stefani Shock Real Estate Life/Business Coach
I was struggling to find my audience until Italina came into the picture. She has such an elegant approach with the service she provides. With her guidance, I became visible to a community I wouldn’t have found otherwise and the concepts she taught me and inspired me to reach out in ways I hadn’t considered before. My business requires me to have a team that lifts me up and supports my vision and with Italina, results are delivered.

Elizabeth Olcott
Elizabeth Olcott Napa Valley Realtor
Italina is a fabulous speaker, very informative and helpful. I highly recommend her!
Rhonda Fee
Rhonda Fee Realtor, Tri-Valley
I’ve been working with Italina Kirknis for a period of time and have found great benefit in her knowledge of LinkedIn. She specifically helped me understand the layout and flow of LinkedIn, updated my profile to better create SEO, and helped me connect with past clients. Additionally, I have a much better understanding of ‘Updates’ vs ‘Published Articles’. As a LinkedIn Coach, she is a wealth of information and she is helping me show my relevancy for the Real Estate Industry through LinkedIn! Thank you Italina!
Cheri I. Hunter
Cheri I. Hunter Real Estate Agent, East Bay
Italina did a great job on my Profile, the changes you made have now boosted my Profile right to All Star status, much appreciated. Thank you so much for your patience!
Michael Wall
Michael Wall Realtor
It was a joy working with Italina; she helped me navigate my away around LinkedIn, how to increase my connections and how to increase my online presence. I received an intense education on how to structure a blog and how to properly write a post. Italina has a wealth of refreshing ideas. I would recommend her if your desire is to increase your online presence via LinkedIn. Thank you Italina.