Real Estate Brokers Can Recruit Talent by Leveraging LinkedIn

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Real Estate Brokers Can Recruit Talent by Leveraging LinkedIn

Real Estate Brokers Can Recruit Talent by Leveraging LinkedIn


Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers looking to grow their teams and offices, are tasked with recruiting and retaining talented, ambitious, self-starters who have a desire to serve others and own their own business.

As the Director of Selection a.k.a. “Career Match Maker” for Mass Mutual, Karen Steffy, like the Brokers of the Real Estate community, is responsible for recruiting and retaining talent.

In the first 8 months of 2016, Karen Steffy has successfully recruited and retained 9 new Financial Advisors…6 of the 9 through Leveraging LinkedIn. Here’s how:


▪▪▪ Finding a Potential Recruit ▪▪▪


Karen looks for 3 specific things in a potential recruit’s LinkedIn profile.

1. Their Current Career.

Karen specifically looks for Coaches, Teachers, and Sales Professionals. She searches LinkedIn for these 3 professions because generally, Coaches, Teachers, and Sales Professionals have an innate sense that they like to help people. They find the need and present solutions, allowing the client to make an informed decision that best fits their needs.

This is exactly what a Real Estate Agent does for Sellers and Buyers.


2. Their Headshot

Because Karen has been in the business for over 30 years, she knows what an Insurance Agent looks like. She looks for headshots where the potential recruit looks friendly and approachable.

As a Real Estate or Mortgage Broker, are you weighing heavily enough how the potential recruit is presented in their photo?


3. Their Work History

You’ve probably guessed this one. If a person’s profile indicates the individual has bounced around a lot, not spending much time in any one place, it raises questions. This person may not be totally happy in their current role.


▪▪▪ Reaching Out to a Potential Recruit ▪▪▪


If a potential recruit’s LinkedIn profile passes the “Karen Test”, now it’s time to reach out. Karen sends the individual a LinkedIn Connection Request that looks something like this:

“I’d like to add you to my professional network here on LinkedIn. I’m a recruiter at Mass Mutual, and you have an impressive background. If the timing is right, would you be open to having a conversation?”


There are 2 things worth highlighting in Karen’s message.

  1. She’s upfront about her reason for wanting to connect. Not only does she boldly state in the header of her own LinkedIn profile that she’s a Career Match Maker seeking talent for Mass Mutual, but she also right away states in the message she sends requesting to connect on LinkedIn, “I’m a recruiter here at Mass Mutual”. Karen says, “If you’re genuine and upfront, good will follow.”   
  2. The 2nd thing Karen does that’s worth highlighting is she asks if the timing is right. Timing is everything and a career change whether it be to Real Estate or to Financial Advising, is a huge decision.

All 6 of the individuals she recruited and retained in the last 8 months replied saying, “You couldn’t have reached out at a better time.” There were individuals who stated the timing isn’t right and asked if they could be contacted at a specified later date.

As a Real Estate or Mortgage Broker, are you asking this crucial question?




▪▪▪ Timing is Everything ▪▪▪


Karen has figured out the specific times of day where she is most successful in Recruiting talent using LinkedIn. Therefore she blocks out this time in her calendar. I was at her office and I saw her colorful calendar myself :)


Karen found that most people were busy at work getting tasks out of the way in the morning. But once their work was complete, the ones who were unhappy would hop on to LinkedIn between 2:30p – 4p. Therefore Karen sticks to this schedule of recruiting and reaching out to potential candidates on LinkedIn between 2:30p – 4p, 4 days a week.

As a Real Estate or Mortgage Broker, are you calendaring the time you spend recruiting?




▪▪▪ How to Increase Retention: A 3 Step Process ▪▪▪

Ivy League Interviewing


It’s one thing to take on a new recruit, it’s another thing to keep that recruit engaged and producing for your office. Karen attributes her retention success to the 3 Step Hiring Process she uses.

1. Once she has had a 15 minute phone conversation with the potential recruit who has passed the above stated Profile Test, and has replied to her connection request stating the timing is right, Karen has a face to face meeting with the potential recruit.

But this is not enough…

2. She has a 2nd meeting with the potential recruit, but this time with a Financial Advisor who works in the firm and can describe what a typical day looks like.

Are you as a Real Estate or Mortgage Broker allowing one of your Agents or Loan Officers to sit in on your meeting with the potential recruit and share a day in the life?

3. Karen meets with the potential recruit a 3rd time, but this time with the CEO who presents the offer, reiterates what’s been covered in the 1st two meetings, and goes over compensation and benefits.

Are you adding people to your team too quickly?




karen-steffy-headshot * Career Match Maker, Karen Steffy *

Income, Independence, and Influence are the 3 I’s that attract candidates to Mass Mutual. Culture, Team Environment, and Mentoring are the reasons candidates choose Mass Mutual over other Financial Advising and Insurance companies.

If you or someone you know isn’t in love with their career anymore, introduce them to Karen to be their Career Match Maker.

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Or Just pick up the phone and call Karen for a quick chat (925) 979- 2319




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