Pursue Your Passion and Profit From It

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Pursue Your Passion and Profit From It

Professionals and Business Owners frequently ask me, “How did you go from having a Legal career to being in Online Branding & Marketing?”

Here I’m laying out EXACTLY how you can pursue your passion and still make a profit.

  1. Put a Price On It

Soo many of us are doing things for our friends that we can totally get paid for. However thoughts like, “But this if my friend I shouldn’t be charging” or “I totally enjoy this, this can’t be work that I get paid for” stop us from actually putting a price on our service.

If you’re not charging or not charging what you’re worth, stop it. Google what the average person in your field makes and establish your prices according to those standards.

  1. Distinguish Yourself in a Saturated Market Place

Now that you’ve Googled other professionals who provide a similar service to you, how are you going to set yourself apart from them?

For example, I’m an Online Presence Expert. I help professionals and organizations establish their presence online via LinkedIn, Email Newsletters, and Facebook for Business.

Some professionals who provide a similar service that I provide include Social Media Strategists.

How have I distinguished myself?

a)    Job Title

Instead of taking on the same exact job title, I’ve distinguished myself as an Online Presence Expert which covers more than Social Media alone. Email Newsletters is another service that is provided as well.

b)    Service Offerings

I’ve distinguished my services in a saturated market place by adding a Branding Strategist to my team so that we can provide Branding services which is essential when developing a brand and presence online.

c)    Ubber Influence

The most fun way in which I’ve distinguished myself in a saturated market place is by building my influence, thus making my services stand out in the market place and be that much more marketable.

You can build influence authentically and from the heart in a number of ways including by being a speaker, collaborating and being a resource to others in your industry (yes COMPETITORS) and with Power Partners (those who provide noncompeting services to your target market), and of course by having a stellar Online Presence.

  1. Get on the Fastest Path to Cash

Do you have bills to pay, a mortgage, or maybe you have to eat? Yes I’m being factitious :) . If you’d like to skip over the part where you have to invest aaaall this tiiiime and money into your business/passion, then get some guidance.

Yes you can struggle through it and eventually someday figure some things out on your own. But why not have someone by your side to help you fast forward through that process that often discourages people from pursuing their passion, not to mention prevents them from making decent money.

Sure it may take time before you make the kind of money you’d like to make, but geez how many more years are you going to wait before you decide you want to start running your business with ease?

Guidance for you may come in the form of an accomplished mentor who’s already gotten to where you want to go or in the form of a coach who has also had such accomplishments.

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Italina is an Online Presence Expert who works with you or your team to upgrade your presence online through LinkedIn, Email Newsletters, and Facebook for Business. To have your online presence assessed COMPLIMENTARY, email Style@ItalinaImage.com and put “Complimentary” in the subject line of your email. Talk to you soon!