Having an Open House? Ideas I Never See Realtors Use

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Having an Open House?  Ideas I Never See Realtors Use

Treat Your Open House Like You’re a Rock Star on Tour

You’re having an open house because you want people to come see the property. This means you’ll want to promote your Open House so that a bunch of people (potential Buyers) will show up and learn more about the property and learn about YOU as a Realtor.

Since you’re going to have several Open Houses over the course of your Real Estate career, treat each Open House as if you’re a Rock Star on tour. Create a #Hashtag for yourself so potential Buyers and other Lenders and Realtors working with Buyers, know when you have a listing.


In doing this, you:

(1) Set yourself apart from the other 10,000 Realtors,

(2) Impress Sellers who see you as the tech savvy Realtor who gets homes sold fast, and

(3) Sell the home fast because so many people found out about your listing.

(4) Establish yourself as the Go-To Listing Agent…Rock Star Status


Invite a Lender/Loan Professional So They’ll Help You Promote Your Listing

Invite a Lender to hang out with you at your Open House. This will be a huge help to you for several reasons…

(1) Safety. Open Houses these days can be dangerous as there are criminals out there who specifically target large staged houses knowing there will only be one lonely Realtor in the house.

(2) Help. The Lender can help you  give incredible customer service to everyone who walks in, as there will be the two of you there to tend to any large waves of people who pass through your open house.

(3) Promoting. In agreeing to allow the Lender to come along with you to the Open House, you can get the Lender to help you promote the Open House via their Social Media. The seller will be happy to know the both of you are promoting the listing and creating a buzz about the home for sale.   You in turn, establish a great reputation around being the type of Realtor who also uses technology to get homes sold fast. Establish yourself as the Go-To Listing Agent!

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