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For Authors, Speakers, Coaches, there’s all this talk about “Getting more Speaking Gigs” and “Having the opportunity to “Speak on someone’s stage.” I say, Create Your Own Stage. Many times, we find ourselves putting things off because we don’t have this or that. We might say, “I’ll do that later when I have…fill in the blank”.

But try this. For once just try this radical way of looking at it. Are you ready for this? Instead of putting it off because you don’t have XYZ (ok here it comes) DO IT WITHOUT XYZ!

That’s right. If you’re putting off giving a talk because you don’t have a venue, first of all, prepare your talk anyway. Second, find your own venue. You don’t have to start off at the grand ball room of the Sheraton Hotel. It can be in a small room at your local library, school, or church. Brainstorm.

Who do you know who has access to a room? We all have to start somewhere. The important thing is that you START. Are you still looking at this screen? Go START :)

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