Get More Speaking Gigs

by CEO on May 23, 2013


For Authors, Speakers, Coaches, there’s all this talk about “Getting more Speaking Gigs” and “Having the opportunity to “Speak on someone’s stage.” I say, Create Your Own Stage.

Many times, we find ourselves putting things off because we don’t have this or that. We might say, “I’ll do that later when I have…fill in the blank”.Speaking: Learn LinkedIn at Lunch

But try this. For once just try this radical way of looking at it. Are you ready for this? Instead of putting it off because you don’t have XYZ (ok here it comes) DO IT WITHOUT XYZ!

That’s right. If you’re putting off giving a talk because you don’t have a venue, first of all, prepare your talk anyway. Second, find your own venue. You don’t have to start off at the grand ball room of the Sheraton Hotel. It can be in a small room at your local library, school, or church. Brainstorm. Who do you know who has access to a room?

We all have to start somewhere. The important thing is that you START. Are you still looking at this screen? Go START :)

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Social Media Strategy

by CEO on April 4, 2013

Social Media Strategy can be all but strategic if you either don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re not using social media at all.

Social Media StrategyPutting it all together and actually executing the plan is the hard part. Build your Brand Online. Some clients hire me to take care of their Online Branding; to set up and maintain their social media pages and events. Others hire me to teach them how to do it. Build your Brand and get the exposure your business otherwise wouldn’t have.

Use platforms such as Linkedin and Eventbrite to their full capacity. Maximize your Social Media. We use at least 7 social media platforms, in ADDITION to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. For example, how are you using Google+ ?

Email us at for your complimentary consultation to see which Social Media Package will best bring awareness to your company Brand and increase your bottom line. Enjoy!

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Branding and Marketing Your Business

March 21, 2013

You’re looking at your business and the different things you have to do; Packaging your products, Marketing your products, Making sure you’re marketing in a way that people actually know what you do and the different services you offer. You have to think about getting your Target Market’s attention, while still communicating what your business [...]

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We’re Building our Business!

January 30, 2013

We’re Building our Business! We’re  welcoming new members to the team, Karla Cerrillo and Angelique Payne. I’m so grateful to have met Karla Cerrillo. She’s earned her Marketing degree and she is now working for our Image and Branding company. Talk about the power of networking. Angelique expressed to one of my colleagues that she’s interested [...]

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Branding Events!

December 29, 2012

 Holiday Sip & Sign-  Branding Event We use Event Management as a Branding tool. We even create a video to successfully promote the Branding Event.  Here you will see a video promoting a book signing for an author. Take a look…      

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Your Marketing Strategy is Dead

December 22, 2012

The best Marketing Strategy involves developing your Branding Strategy and Building Your Brand. Why do I call my company Image & Branding? Because you must develop a Brand that establishes an Image consistent with your company’s unique value. When Branding and Marketing, you should be focused on selling the benefit. Ask yourself the following questions [...]

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Are You A Leader on Linkedin?

November 3, 2012

My company gets a lot of leads on Linkedin. People always ask me, “How do you get all those clients on Linkedin?” So I decided to just write about it. Here goes; Groups. Avoid being social for the mere sake of being social. Join Groups on Linkedin that relate to your business, and you will [...]

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Evolution Magazine’s Business Trendsetter!

September 13, 2012

Making a Difference in Business           Italina is featured in Evolution Magazine as a Business Trendsetter. All of us here at Italina Image really love what we do, and we’re lucky for that. Many people are working in fields that don’t thrill them. Thank you everyone for your hard work and [...]

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Your Marketing Consultant Should Know Branding is Key to Your Marketing Strategy

September 12, 2012

Whether you are a Marketing Consultant or a Business Owner, you know you should always be marketing. Here I’ll show you why Branding is key to your Marketing Strategy. Branding. Your Brand is a design, symbol, word, phrase or a combination of all of those. Your Brand is also the experience customers/prospects have with your [...]

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Do You Know What Social Consumers are Looking For?

September 9, 2012

When using social media to make your various posts, do you know what social consumers are looking for? If there is a disconnect between what your target market is looking for and what you are posting, we have a problem. Solution I personally meet with a customer each week and get feedback. I ask questions [...]

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